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Nighthawk’s clients need a marketing professional who understands the unique needs of their business—who knows the ins and outs of their niche markets and the constraints that small businesses face. They know their business is top-quality, but feel that they don’t have the time or resources to effectively reach new customers or clients. Most importantly, my clients want to see results from marketing strategies that are within their budget without sacrificing too much of their valuable time.

Since I started Nighthawk, I’ve helped dozens of birding and ecotourism companies increase profits by improving their marketing strategies piece-by-piece. To do so, I use down-to-earth methods to help your audience connect with your brand, resulting in authentic connections that increase my clients’ loyal customers. Start a project with Nighthawk today to get new customers, increase profits, and have more confidence in your business.

Not familiar with birding? In short, you’re missing out! The National Audubon Society covers the basics of the hobby.

Marketing for Birding and Ecotourism Businesses

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I have a specific project in mind
I need help planning or improving my marketing

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Marketing for Birding and Ecotourism Businesses

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My mission is to help businesses and organizations spread awareness of understanding and protecting our natural world through thoughtful marketing.